Cloud Dreams

 Paintings by June Yun


September 18 – November 13, 2015


Opening Reception  |  Friday, September 18, 3 - 6pm


Meet the Artist  |  June Yun will be in attendance


Water’s variety of forms and reflections seem real and unreal, like a dream or mirage – this ephemeral quality attracts [my] interest.  Sometimes it is like memory that seems clear, but is also misty.  Clouds are another form of water – in the middle of mountains, white, floating clouds like delicate, silky sheen scarves wrapping or surrounding everything through time and space. –June Yun


We are pleased to present Vancouver-based Chinese Canadian artist, June Yun in her second solo exhibition at Art Beatus (Vancouver) Consultancy Ltd.  “Cloud Dreams” is an exhibition featuring a series of new oil on canvas paintings that are a continuation as well as an extension of the artist’s long-running Water series.


During the autumn of 2013, Yun and a few of her former classmates from the University of Anhui – along with their professor – reunited and returned to Huizhou, China, to paint the same landscape as they did 20 years ago when they were students in the BA Hons program.  Upon returning to Vancouver, Yun produced a series of paintings featured in this exhibition that became mnemonic of both her university experience as well as her return trip to Huizhou.


Just as water has been an important subject matter in her oeuvre, the cloud motif is imbued with much personal meaning.  To Yun, clouds are a metaphoric representation of ideas, emotions and sensory experience that create an ephemeral atmosphere akin to the fluid and mercurial quality of a memory or a dream.  The resulting work in “Cloud Dreams” is serene, nostalgic, evocative and introspective.


Currently working and residing in Vancouver, Canada, June Yun was born in China and attended Anhui Normal University and Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing majoring in painting before completing a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne in the United Kingdom in 2000.  Since then, she has taught in universities and art institutions in China and Canada and has exhibited her work internationally in China, Europe and North America.




精藝軒榮幸宣佈新展“雲夢”即將開幕, 白云依静渚,



雲山雾罩,水流花开,大学时代的远足写生,总是美术系学生最美好的经历;同学们一同旅行,采风,充满了青春的欢乐和浪漫的遐思。逝水流年, 人生涳濛,如今这些也变成艺术家们对青春无限的回忆。既是回忆,也就弥漫着朦胧的的诗意。2013年秋天,也是大学毕业后的20年了,雲媛和她的几个大学同学还有一位他们的老教授相约,一同从全国各地和国外再聚一起,同回皖南的徽州和黄山写生,走在他们曾经走过的山间小路和村镇,同样的人,同样的景,不同的是时光, 重温那年青时代彩色的梦。

待回到温哥华后,记忆里的那青山,绿水,小山村以及那缭绕,飘逸的白雲如梦幻般,叠加在一起,给人一种穿越时空的感觉。匆匆二十载,山色涳濛,光陰也涳濛那丝丝的眷恋和白雲似梦的迷离凝绕于她的画笔间;斜阳 山峦叠嶂,落墨处尽是怡人的醉,遣眷的思念和沁心的暖

其实雲也是水的另一种形式,雲媛继续着她这几年水的主题,用雲来表现她的思想和心境 — “以写我心”,创作了那好似瞬间而又飘邈的意境,似真似幻。“雲”个展的这组油画呈现了怀旧的静谧和令人回味的曼妙。


雲媛生于中国,现今工作,生活在加拿大温哥华。她的作品形式包括油畫,裝置,攝影和錄像畢業於安徽師範大學藝術系, 之後就北京中央美術学院油画研修班, 然後在英國紐卡斯爾大學University of Newcastle upon Tyne美術系攻讀藝術獲得國際留學生交流獎學金,2000年碩士學位。之後在英國舉辦多個藝術展,於2001年在英國出版第一本個人畫冊和接受英國BBC電台“中華之聲”欄目採訪-海外藝術家雲媛。雲媛也於中國和加拿大多間藝術學院任教。2000年起,在歐洲,北美和中国舉辦多個藝術個展和聯展。2006年,溫哥華電視台藝術家專訪-“良禽擇木而棲 -雲媛“ 。這期間,也多次獲得加拿大国藝術協會專業藝術家和卑專業藝術家发展等各種獎項。

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