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Mi(d)st (涳濛),


Oil Paintings by June Yun(雲媛)


July 10 – August 10, 2014

Opening Reception  | July11,  (Fri), 7pm - 10pm

Meet the Artist

June Yun Will Be in Attendance

Mi(d)stfeaturingoil on canvas paintings by Vancouver-based Chinese-Canadian artistJune Yun, are new paintings which are a continuation and extension of her water series.


“Water’s variety of forms and reflections seem real and unreal, like a dream or a mirage. This ephemeral quality attracts my interest. Sometimes it is like memory that seems clear, but also is misty. I see this as natural choreography or calligraphy or abstract pictures. These uncertain qualities resonate within me to motivate my art creation.


I am concerned with the processes of painting in a way that they function as a metaphor for idea and emotion, and as the sublimation of content. My paintings are about the sensory experience, which play at the edge of realism and abstraction to create an ephemeral atmosphere. I want the viewer to feel that ephemeral, reclusive atmosphere through my subtle unostentatious colour, the use of many thin layers paint, and open composition which allows room for interpretation.”