Big Print/大型木刻

Big Print
In the Rain, wood cut, 48"x96"/在雨中,木刻,122x244cm, 2016
Big Print, 大型版畫
In the Rain, wood cut print, 48"x96"/在雨中,木刻版畫,122x244cm, 2016

‘In the Rain’, is the title of a song that was pervasive during my time at university. I recall the song frequently, and the rain in Wuhu, south of the Yangzi River, also has become my memory of that time. This spring, a drizzling day in Vancouver reminded me of the rainy season along the Yangzi River. I went back to the countryside of Wuhu with my university classmate, to try finding “Water,” my art theme in the last a few years. The soft, moist air, branches and leaves were well positioned in the lakes and ponds, and at that moment my composition became framed in my mind. After returning to Vancouver, I made the woodcut for The Big Print project, enlarging my image through the carving process. ‘In the Rain’ seems to be inscribed in my memory and heart.