"Melt" / 融化 Ink on Rice paper Mounted on Canvas / 现代水墨


 I begin with ink and brushes and write my thoughts in Chinese calligraphy on rice paper. Then I translate this denotative calligraphic writing with washes of water -- controlled accidents -- to "melt" the signs into prelinguistic analogues of the subconscious currents that energize my most intimate self-awareness. Recalling the superficial clarity of those signifiers balances the unrefined emotion of the ink wash, evoking(庄子梦蝶) Zhuang Zi’s parable of the butterfly: 

Do my calligraphic signs melt into currents and pools, or do the currents and pools coalesce into calligraphy? 

And thus I both extend and combine the paradoxically coexistent urges of literal and metaphoric expression.  

For the exhibition in the Upper Room Gallery, I will show a few pieces of the “Melt” series which are ink on rice paper mounted on stretched canvas